Vinyl Decals Questionnaire

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1. What type of Vinyl Material do you need?
2. Do you need the vinyl decal(s) laminated? This is suggested for outdoor use to prevent ink fading over time.
3. What type of cut do you need for your Vinyl Decal(s)?
4. Will you require us to install the vinyl for you?
5. When do you need your decal installed/delivered?


1. What type of Vinyl Decal(s) do you need?
Please Specify
2. Is this replacing an existing Vinyl Decal(s)? (If so, please attach)
3. Do you have the copy written for the entire Vinyl Decal(s)
4. Do you have an image of the place/thing you want to have decals on?
Please describe where the decal(s) will be installed.


5. Do you have any photos or images you would like us to use in the design?
6. What primary wording would you like us to use on the design?
7. What color scheme would you like to use?
8. Do you have any Vinyl Decal(s) designs that you like the look of?


9. Do you have sketches or layouts that you want us to follow? (If so, please attach)
10. What style/approach do you want to see in your Vinyl Decal(s)? ( e.g. classy, modern, traditional, etc.,)
11. Do you have a logo that you want us to use in your Vinyl Decal(s)? (If so, please attach)
12. Phone Number you want to put in the Vinyl Decal(s).
13. Address that you want to put into your Vinyl Decal(s).


14. Social media link you want to associate with the Vinyl Decal(s).
15. Social media logo/s that you want to put in the Vinyl Decal(s).
16. Slogan or saying you want to put in your Vinyl Decal(s)?
17. When is your final design expected?

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